Bitcoin 66705.62$ 678.56$ (-1.69613535%)
Ethereum 3481.11$ 35.45$ (-1.81141857%)
XRP 0.48$ 0.00$ (-1.20698903%)
Cardano 0.42$ 0.00$ (-2.96438142%)
TRON 0.11$ 0.00$ (0.08777871%)
Bitcoin Cash 437.98$ 4.53$ (-3.41289678%)
Litecoin 79.44$ 0.78$ (1.74523527%)
EOS 0.68$ 0.00$ (-2.33296429%)

System Status

Supporting 8 assets

The System Status page is a monitoring tool designed by our team that provides near real-time information (updates approximately every 5 minutes) about availability and performance, as well as incoming and outgoing transaction status. This is an evolving tool that will include more information on the system performance, aiming at making our system processes as transparent as possible.

Our deposit wallets funds are only temporary storage until the deposit has been processed. Our system regularly batches the inputs from deposit transactions into a single transaction sent to the withdrawal wallet.

Last Update: 6/13/2024 8:30:05 PM

CoinAsset TypeDepositsWithdrawalsTradingTotal DepositsTotal Withdrawals
Ethereum WalletCoinActiveActiveActive4431.069779904944.15109650
BTC WalletCoinActiveActiveActive7516020.494765438291057.48605769
BSTCOIN WalletTokenOfflineOfflineActive00
ETROS WalletTokenActiveActiveActive2248644.34098802607216.48087655
PLATINCOIN WalletCoinActiveActiveActive0499.40000000
CRCOIN WalletTokenActiveActiveActive43130.000000003512.00000000
ARTDOTCOIN WalletTokenActiveActiveActive3031800.000000000
K4W WalletTokenActiveActiveActive00

Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Kinga tn 3-1, 10146
Register Code - 14620232
[email protected]

Activity licence FVR000578
Category - Financial services Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency.
Valid since - 06.12.2018.
End of Validity - Termless
Status - Valid.

Activity licence FRK000491
Category - Financial services Providing a virtual currency wallet service.
Valid since - 06.12.2018.
End of Validity - Termless
Status - Valid.